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Wapato High School

Exterior of Wapato High School

Wapato Students Benefit From Generosity of Wapato Company

Wapato students are more equipped for the school year thanks to the generosity of an international company headquartered in Wapato.  During the month of August Pace International conducted a month long school supplies collection campaign.  Employees were encouraged to drop schools supplies in the collection barrels placed at each of the local sites.  The Friday before the school year started three representatives from the company delivered a stack of bins filled with backpacks, pencils, notebooks and much, much more.  The team from Pace was welcomed by the four elementary school principals in the District.  One of the Pace employees who helped with the delivery is Brooke Bergevin.  She is the one who spearheaded the campaign and she also has children who attend Wapato Public Schools.   Brooke developed a campaign slogan that reads ”Education is the investment our generation makes towards our future.”   She says this type of effort aligns with Pace International’s Corporate Social Responsibilities goals.  On behalf of all Wapato Public School students the District cannot thank Brooke, Pace International and its employees for their generous donation.