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Wapato High School

Exterior of Wapato High School

Graduating Wapato High School Student Honored For Participation In "Unleashed" Program

The Yakima Herald-Republic’s “Unleashed” student journalism program recognized some of its most outstanding contributors of the past year during the annual summer presentation of the section’s student awards in late June. 

Wapato High School graduating Senior Israel Martinez received a couple of recognitions.  The first was the Spirit of Unleashed Award.  Israel  was a co-recipient with West Valley’s McKenzie Jamieson of this award, which is presented annually to a graduating senior in recognition of overall contributions to and from the Unleashed program.  Israel was noted for his initiative during his sophomore year toward getting his high school to re-enter the Unleashed program after an absence of about 10 years so he could pursue his academic and career interests in the communications field.  In his three years with Unleashed, Israel consistently demonstrated high professionalism in his coverage of students and activities at Wapato High School and in his reviews of music and concerts.  He was also honored with the Best Music Review Award.  He wrote a review for “Lorde: Artistic visuals, choreography welcome additions at recent Portland tour event” (published April 22, 2018).  This category was a tie, with West Valley’s Freida Raj receiving the other award.