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Wapato High School

Exterior of Wapato High School

District Receives Gold Star Award

The Wapato School District is getting a Gold Star from the Washington Student Achievement Council. (WSAC).  It is being rewarded for its efforts to get last year’s eligible eighth graders to sign-up for the College Bound Scholarship.  Those schools and districts that exceeded the statewide sign-up rate of 72% received a Gold Star.  Wapato District had an 82% sign-up rate.

According to the WSAC more than 30,000 of last year’s eighth graders statewide signed up for the College Bound Scholarship. Students who sign up for the scholarship graduate from high school and enroll in college at higher rates than their low-income peers.  The first cohort of College Bound students graduated from high school in 2012. Since then, the four-year high school graduation rate for these students has consistently been similar to the statewide average, and more than 10 percentage points higher than for low-income students who were eligible, but did not sign up. 

To receive this early commitment of state funding, eligible students must sign up in middle school by the end of their eighth grade year. In combination with other state aid, the scholarship covers tuition at public college rates, some fees, and a small book allowance. To receive the scholarship, students must enroll in an eligible college within one year of high school graduation.